You are at the right place. You have arrived here for a reason.

You have a dream and you want to live a life of your dreams. You were meant to live in abundance and you can reclaim it if you decide.

At To Your Dreams, we are dedicated to helping our Clients discover their dreams and learn the skills to realise their dreams using a systematic, proven, reliable and repeatable process.

As human beings, we are gifted with special powers that create and control our life even without us knowing that it is happening. You can learn to use these powers and change your life and ultimately your destiny.

Learn How To Master Every Area Of Your Life

Hello, my name is Shailesh Saxena and I'm a Certified DreamBuilder Coach - and a business partner of Mary Morrissey, of LifeSOULutions.

So What is a DreamBuilder Coach, and Why Would That Interest You?

We help you learn how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential and power. We already know that you've experienced flashes of intuitive knowledge and big thinking that has you wondering just how far you could go if only...

We're here to help you stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep in your soul. We help you forge forward when the “old you” would rather give up and turn back.

The variety of in-person seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching programs we offer are helping - and affecting - hundreds of thousands of lives on this planet.

Right now, you're standing at the doorway to your greatest life. It's time to seek out your destiny. It's time to see and achieve one dream after another with a clear-headed and confident stride... no matter how big you might think that dream to be.

Contact me to find how to give that glorious mind of yours the life-changing invitation it deserves.

Celebrate Your Life of Abundance