Walking The Talk

As a Dream Builder Coach, I practice the very principles that I teach. My most recent experiment with the Law of Vibration (also known as The Law of Attraction) was very successful and delightful.

I had to undertake a trip to India recently together with my wife to attend to a family emergency. The last time  I travelled to India was 8 years ago.

Before I started practising the principles of Dream Building, the very imagination of travelling would make me stressed to my core. The thought of going through all the airport security, immigration etc. made me very uncomfortable.  Added to that, the long walks in the airports with my prosthesis make it even worse. And invariably, my anticipation of stressful experiences would come true.

This time around, I did not have any of these feelings as I was preparing for my travel. I was positive about getting my visa timely and a good flight booking at short notice. To my surprise, I got my visa within 24 hours over the internet even though the normal time mentioned on the Indian Consulate website is 4 days. Then I got a good deal on my ticket for the shortest route and minimum stops and transit times. To top it all, I could even get a ticket upgrade at a reasonable price.

As we arrived at the New Delhi Airport, we breezed through the immigration and customs. The immigration officer was polite and helpful. The whole world seemed to have changed. As I was expecting positive experiences, I was being rewarded with those at every step.

This experience reinforces my confidence in the very principles of Dream Building that I practice and preach.

Invite pleasant experiences in your life!


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