Stock Trading Course

I have been trading Stocks, Futures and Forex for many years and have also been informally helping many people get a right perspective on trading. I also trade for a Fund where we specialise in Forex trading.

I have personally trained with many professional traders over the years and have now developed an extensive knowledge base of my own. I share this knowledge though a this stock trading course with other traders to help them expedite their success in the markets.

About the course

There is extensive amount of information on the internet from experienced traders and the trading community at large. This enormous amount of information can be intimidating for a new trader. From my experience, I have learnt that most of that information is "extra" knowledge which may not directly impact the trading performance of a new trader. Keeping this in mind, I have included only absolutely essential content in this course and have explained it in simple language.

The course is delivered in live online classes that include theory discussions and practicals. You will have ample opportunities to test drive the markets before risking real money.

Who will benefit from this course

This course has been designed for new as well as traders with intermediate experience.  The basic concepts have been include for the uninitiated and the course gradually builds up to advanced concepts that will help an experienced trader see the markets in a new light.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you start your Trading career on the right footing.

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